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Did you just move to Lake Norman and aren’t sure where you want to live? Are you not quite ready to buy a home but need to move now, and don't want to move multiple times?  Are the choices for rentals leaving you grossed-out and frustrated? Talk to our team about whether this program could be a good fit. 

This is NOT a lease to own program. It does NOT require an option fee or large down payment towards the purchase of the house.

How the Program Works: 
We work with you to apply online through the Home Partners of America’s website. If you’re approved (see more about applying below), our team helps you find a home that is part of the Home Partners’ program. Home Partners buys the home and rents it to you. You then have the right, but not an obligation, to buy the home from them if and when you're ready. 


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Financial commitment:
If you decide you don’t like the home, neighborhood, or your financial circumstances change, you are not financially obligated beyond the initial one-year lease commitment, or subsequent lease periods if you choose to renew
. Your security deposit will be returned, as provided in the lease terms, if you decide to leave the home at the end of a lease period and have been in full compliance with the lease. Most
importantly, however, you have the right to buy that home from Home Partners at the price established when you entered the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

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Advantages of Choice and Rent Certainty:
You can select the home that you want to live in from the eligible FOR SALE homes in communities Home Partners serves – enabling you to live in a neighborhood today where you might not otherwise find a suitable home to rent.

Also, unlike a standard lease agreement, you will have renewal options for up to five years providing rent certainty and the right to purchase that home in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
This is not an application for a mortgage. If you cannot currently qualify for a mortgage, or if you would prefer to rent a home now with the goal of purchasing it in the next one to five years without moving again, then this program may be for you. Home Partners doesn’t focus exclusively on your credit score. The full credit profile of your entire household is taken into account when they review your application to the Home Partners program.
Considerations (But don't worry. We're here to help you!)

  • Home Partners buys homes in specifically approved communities. Our team can help navigate what neighborhoods and homes are eligible based on your approval amounts and Home Partners’ guidelines.

  • Once you approve the purchase price in your Right to Purchase Agreement that is the price you may purchase the home during the term of the lease, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. It does not matter whether the home is later appraised at a higher or lower value. If you do not purchase the home as provided in the Agreement, Home Partners may rent or sell the home to others when your lease ends.

  • Home Partners is not a mortgage company, does not have any obligation to provide and does not provide financing and cannot guarantee or in any way assure that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage if and when he/she wishes to exercise the Right to Purchase.

For more detailed information about this program and how it may work for you, please call us at 704.898.1820 or use our Contact Form.